One post wasn’t nearly enough to describe all the wonderful food we had in New York on our recent visit (read the first post here). So here goes another one…much of it about the Prospect park version of Smorgasburg that we attended on Sunday.

After filling up the previous day on delectable treats at this popular food market/festival, we knew we couldn’t miss Sunday’s event…there was so much more food to try. This time the day was sunny and bright, but still a little cold and was just a short two stop train ride from our AirBnB apartment. The setting was perfect…Prospect Park – a beautiful park in Brooklyn designed by the same man who created Central Park. There were bike paths, walking paths, ball fields, pavilions, and the place was hopping on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.


A beautiful day in Prospect Park

Full disclosure on the eating…we actually went to Brooklyn Flea earlier in the morning and the doughnut tent was there so we splurged on a Tres Leche doughnut that did not disappoint.


Once we made our way through Prospect Park (it was at least a mile walk), the scent of delicious food wafted through the trees. we knew we had arrived. Knowing how great Smorgasburg was the previous day, we were even more excited to try the foods, and we had two particular choices in mind.

First stop – Jianbing – a Shangahi-inspired street food. We watched the guy make them the day before and couldn’t wait to order one for ourselves. He was easy on the eyes too, so watching him as he cooked-to-order everyone’s wraps was not a hardship. They use a large round griddle and ladle out a batter made of 4 different flours. They spread it around so it is thin like a crepe. then they crack an egg on it and spread it around. Cilantro, 13 sauce, homemade chili sauce, scallions, and a cracker are placed on the wrap and then everything is rolled up and tucked in, then cut in half for eating. Perfection. It was fun to watch the food being made and the cooks all described it and talked to the crowd while they made it. I think we have Bev to thank for this one too, she mentioned it to us before we left for the trip.



Look at the joy in his face as he presents the food

The next must-try delight on our list was a full-size beef rib. We watched the guys the day before and learned they smoke the ribs for 24 hours then finish them on the grill at the event. Sliced into individual ribs and served on their side with a squeeze of cilantro/mint sauce, the presentation was a beautiful as the taste.


Cheese sticks dusted with more cheese…heaven!

We picked up an order of homemade cheese sticks to go with the rib, went into the beer garden, ordered a couple of local IPA’s and planted our butts on a concrete curb to dig into our delightful food. Wow, couldn’t have been better.

We called it quits at this point as we had plans to go back to Chelsea Market in Manhattan and have some lobster. We had been to Chelsea Market the first day we arrived and were intrigued by the variety of restaurants and food, particularly the seafood restaurant.

While walking around we went into the meat market and they had a hog butchering class going on right in the store. Not something you see everyday. With an interesting list of classes available, I could see it would be a popular place for us if we lived in the area. (On a related note, if you are interested in our pig roast experience a few years ago, check out this post. Might not be appropriate for vegetarians.)


I’m sure the pig had a good life

Anyway, back to the seafood market. Huge variety of fish, sushi, sandwiches, lobster, and chowders. Originally we planned on eating a lobster at the hightop tables they had (no chairs – so I thought standing up to eat a whole lobster would be fun and cool – like the other hipsters). Then it occurred to me that the last time I ordered a whole lobster, I had to leave the restaurant because I couldn’t stand it looking at me from my plate. (For the record, I didn’t much like the hog looking at me either). Perhaps a lobster wasn’t going to be on the menu for me today. So, we chose a couple of chowders, a lobster roll (no eyes to look at me), and a couple of local beers and bellied up to the stainless steel hightop. Everything was delicious as we have come to expect in this fine city.


Another great day in NYC and more dreaming of our next trip here. In spite of all the food we ate, we didn’t try nearly everything we wanted to try.  Anyone traveling to New York, if you like to eat (and who doesn’t) I highly recommend hitting one of the Smorgasburg events on the weekends in Brooklyn, and stop by the Chelsea Market for seafood and other delectable treats.