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How to Fail at Pie Crust without Really Trying

For about a year I have been making pies on a fairly regular basis. I use one particular recipe from an Amish pie book that was given to me as a wedding gift. The recipe is so simple, and to be honest, without being a show off, I thought I had pretty much perfected the......
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Crab legs for everyday foodies

Why is it that some things seem so exotic? Take crab legs, for instance. Generally they are a bit expensive at a restaurant, something only serious foodies order. And, there’s not much to the serving size unless you get them on a buffet, but then they have been soaking in water for hours. And what’s......
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Pie in the Sky

I was never much of a pie person. Always preferred cake. Not sure why, maybe just because my mom baked and decorated cakes when I was growing up, so there was more exposure (and frequent bouts of membership at Weight Watchers). Cakes always ranked very high on my list of favorite foods, right up there......
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