What’s a 5K without a medal? It’s all about the bling at the end of the race, if you ask me. A friend of mine is fighting breast cancer and friends put together a 5k race in support of her. Unfortunately it was scheduled for a weekend when I already had a commitment and I was very disappointed not to be able to attend, so I had to think of a way to contribute. Medals. I could make medals for all the participants. It was fairly easy and inexpensive, for all you other crafters, here is the step by step process I used:

Ball Canning Jar Lids

I used Ball wide mouth canning lids. They come in a package of 12 for a few dollars. A basic paper punch will put a hole in them, although it takes a little bit of strength. I handed that job off to a friend who offered to help with the project. I love it when guys craft.

Painting Ball Jar Lids

Now they were ready to paint and I wasn’t sure how that would work out. I used Krylon paint that was suitable for plastic but it still scratched off. The lids apparently are too slick for paint to adhere well in spite of using a primer first. After laying the lids out on a dropcloth in the back yard, it only took a few minutes to spray them all.

I found the perfect circle labels, Avery 22836 are 2.5 inch diameter and fit perfectly on the wide mouth lids. I designed the label in Photoshop and printed them on a color printer. Other options would be to hand draw or paint on the labels, or directly on the lids. I was making 60 medals so in the interest of time, printing labels was the best option for me.

Since my paint was scratching off, I brushed on a quick coat of Mod Podge (you can use white glue also) around the edges of the medals.

Angled seam on ribbon

I found breast cancer awareness ribbon online for a really good price, so I bought that and started sewing. I cut the ribbon in 33” sections, put the cut ends together and sewed a long angled seam.

Cut the excess

Then I cut the excess triangle portion of ribbon, folded the pointy end sewed it down with a few stitches. This created a little loop to attach to the medal itself.

Sew down the little triangle

The rest of the assembly of the medals was done at Big Top Brewery where we enjoyed a new release of Oatmeal Cookie Brown Ale and determined we were the first patrons who had crafted at the bar.

Beer and crafting

Using little jump rings, we attached one to the medal through the hole and then ran it through the loop created on the ribbon. Stuck the labels on center of the medal, and we were good to go.

Jump rings to attach medals

Final medal

The medals looked great and the guest of honor was surprised to see Stephen handing them out to the participants.