You can’t miss them on Pinterest…pictures and links to all the sites showing cute little pies made in mason jar lids. If you know me at all, you know I had to try it, but I didn’t want to go all in on the first attempt. What if they didn’t turn out? What if they stuck to the lids? What if they were so tasty I ate all of them? Too many “what ifs” to make an entire batch, so in a last minute decision, I threw one together usling the leftovers from my homemade pop tarts (blog post coming soon on that one).

I had just a little bit of pie dough left from the pop tart recipe, so I rolled it out and pressed it into a mason jar lid. Let me back up a minute. The mason jar lids are the ones that are used in canning and come in two parts – a ring and a lid. I put the flat lid shiny side up in the ring so it would be on the bottom of the pie. A quick shot of cooking spray, and voila…the pie pan was ready for action.

Mini Pie and mason Jar Lid

Back to the dough…I pressed it into the lid and did my best to flute the edges. Not an easy task because the lid doesn’t have an edge. Later, when I attempted to put a top crust on the little gem, that didn’t work too well either. Possible reasons – the dough had been rolled out a few times so it was a bit tough, or it might not have been thin enough to be manipulated over the tiny pie. I’ll try it again next time, but there are plenty of pies that don’t need a top crust, so let’s just move on.


Now I needed some filling, but only a small amount. Ah ha…I had been carrying an apple back and forth to work for a week never remembering to eat it, it was time to give it a new purpose in life. Chop it up, toss it with the leftover brown sugar cinnamon mixture from the pop tarts and now I have pie filling. Into the crust it went, add a couple of dots of butter just because and toaster oven here we come.

Finished mini pie

I baked it about 20 minutes on 350° and it came out perfect. The apples were tender (I had chopped them pretty small) and the crust was golden. Because the lid is two pieces, the pie released effortlessly.

Pie on a pedestal

It’s just too cute. Can’t want to make a whole batch!