Post labor day, no more white shoes. What is a girl to do? Sharpie Markers can solve that problem.

Coloring on plain white sneakers (cheap ones, from Wally World) is a fun project you can do while sitting around with your crafty friends, yakking up a storm, and sipping wine. Well, at least that’s how I prefer to do it.

Sharpie sneakers

I started my design with the large flowers in the center and worked out from there. The large flowers were penciled in and the smaller ones were just filled in as as I went along.  There really is no right or wrong way to do this, just let your imagination go and dream up whatever you want. if you need inspiration, check out Pinterest, there are lots of examples of Sharpie shoes.

Big flower

Use whatever colors you happen to have, or for a small investment, buy a set of various hues, there are quite a few options out there. I prefer the quality of the Sharpie brand over the off-brands, I think the colors are richer and they last longer. One thing I noticed when doing this project is that different colors can do different things on your shoes – they might bleed a little more than other colors. Once you figure that out, you can incorporate it into the design, or avoid using the colors if you want. Having a wide variety of colors allowed me to do some blending to give the flowers more dimension. You can even skip the colors and do black only, maybe in a Zentangle style which is what I used to fill in the white spaces after the colorful parts were finished.

Side view

The shoes I used were $5 and the marker set is about $8. A cheap way to brighten up your day and your feet!

Other flowers sharpie sneakers

Even my kitty, Pat the Cat, loves the shoes! Check out her Facebook page at Pat the Cat.

Pat the Cat Sharpie Sneakers